Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics
Our warehousing and distribution solutions are eclusively designed to ensure that your goods and products reach your customers as uicly, saely and smoothly as possible.
KITA Contract Logistics Provides;
• DI Possibilities with clients sotware
• RFID enabled ogistics Sotware
• Reduction in customer logistics costs
• Inventory Management
• Optimization o entire supply chain
• Industry nowledge
• Operational cellence
• Reduction in cycle & lead times
• Process nhancement 
• Visibility o total supply chain
• Customer specied SOPs, PIs & Process      Flow 
• Value-added services or Time and  Temperature Critical Cargo
Inbound & Outbound Logistics
• Multimodal capabilities 
• Time denite services 
• Customs brokerage 
• Ground distribution services 
• eb enabled tracking solutions 
• Transportation netork management 
• Vendor Managed Inventor (VMI)
• ualit Inspection Programs 
• Seuencing / ine Feeding 
• Procurement (Supplier and PO Management 
Distribution Centre Logistics 
• Various arehouse environments Dedicated / Shared / Bonded 
• Crossdocking incl consolidation and    deconsolidation 
• Inbound / storage / picking / outbound / documentation 
• Forard Stock ocations 
• Product Completion 
• Value dded ogistics 
• (ePacking (eabeling (eStacking itting 
• Order management Customs Management 
• Inventor management Customer Service / Call Center

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