Textiles & Fashion

KITA Logistics provides temperature- and humidity-controlled distribution and storage for your Textiles goods – taking care of everything from bulk fabrics to exclusive haute couture.

Our Textiles & Fashion Specialists will get your products out to your retailers and end-users on time and in perfect condition – maximizing your revenue and ensuring your retail network is perfectly responsive to seasonal variations, latest trends and discount sales events.

Our key services include:
- Consolidation and Deconsolidation centres to reduce inventory
- Break-bulk and cross-dock facilities
- Piece, inner box or box picking
- Co-packing
- Pre-retailing activities – Labelling, Tagging, QC Platforms
- Distribution direct to Retail Stores or Home deliveries
- DC Bypass and Direct Delivery
- Garments on Hangers (GOH)
- Full support for High Value and Luxury Goods
- Customs and Trade Compliance
- After sales and reverse logistics, including returns management, replacement